HPH2013 - 21st HPH Conference Gothenburg 2013 - Welcome to HPH 2013

21st HPH Conference - HPH 2013

Welcome to Gothenburg 2013!

Dear Friends of HPH,

Photo by Göran Assner

We have the honor of hosting the 21th International HPH Conference which will be held at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Center in Gothenburg, Sweden May 22 - 24, 2013.

We can promise delegates and exhibitors an exciting scientific program with a prominent faculty of experts. The main theme of the HPH 2013 conference is:

Towards a more health oriented health services – An issue of body and mind.

The contribution of HPH to health 2020.

The aim is to discuss and learn how can we apply what we know about the close relationship between body and mind as so to create a more health-oriented health services - from theory to practise. Subthemes are: 

  • Mind-body connection: Psychoneuroimmunology – important implications for health service and systems
  • Psychoneuroimmunology and empowerment for the coproduction of health Health effects of hospital culture & design
  • Measuring patient-reported health outcomes
  • Enabling more health oriented health services through more health oriented health systems

The main HPH conference opens May 22 afternoon and closes May 24 afternoon.
On May 22, there will be 3 parallel pre-conferences under the themes Tobacco, Physical activity and Mental health.

Photo by Göran Assner

Prior to the main meeting there will also be a Summer School (May 20-21, 2013) hosted by WHO- CC Copenhagen. 

End of May and early June is really the best time of the year to visit Sweden. The long summer nights (sunset at 11 p.m.), spring and summer bursting out all over, planned social activities and amusement on our Gala Dinner will guarantee a memorable conference.

Your presence will make a difference, so we strongly entice You to come and join us and take active part in The 21st HPH Conference - HPH2013.


Welcome to Gothenburg and HPH 2013!

Warm Regards, 

Ann Söderström, Director Healthcare Services

Margareta KristenssonProfessor in social and preventive medicine

Åsa Sandberg Marzelius, Project Manager HPH 2013
On behalf of The HPH Conference 2013 Organizing Committee